U-Roy Version Galore Riddim Shower
Dread Wax (U-Roy) DREAD WAX

  1. "U" Roy Special (Unknown DJ)
  2. U Roy Special Pt.2 (Dread Allstars)
Don't be fooled by the title of this obscure track. If I would find this 7 inch in the basement of a recordshop, I wouldn't hesitate buying it, ending up being disappointed when playing it on my turntable at home.
After some 'googling' I found little information about the subject. Listening to the track it reminds me a lot of a simular track done by Jah Lloyd called I & I a Search For Survival. Can you see the resemblance?! Actually, I personally think this is Jah Lloyd featuring as well and listening to both dub tracks it almost seems like both songs were recorded at the very same day. And what do you say?! ... even the catalogue numbers match. Why they were given different labels remains a mystery, so my complot theory remains unsolved.