U-Roy Version Galore Riddim Shower
Punch (U-Roy) PUNCH
#PH 34A/B

  1. Scandal (Hugh Roy)
  2. Sound of The Wise (Hugh Roy)
Punch (U-Roy) PUNCH
#PH 44A/B

  1. For Our Desire (King Sporty)
  2. Version II (Winston Wright)
Miscredited to Hugh Roy.
Punch (U-Roy) PUNCH
#PH 104A/B

  1. Nannyscrank [aka Nanny Skank] (Hugh Roy)
  2. Scank Version (Pitts Burg Allstars)
Released on:
7" Pitts-Burg
12" Star
Foundation Skank
Covered by The Fabulous Five on there self titled album Fabulous Five.
Punch (U-Roy) PUNCH
#PH 105A/B

  1. Darling Oohwe (Errol Dunkley)
  2. Black Magic Woman (Dennis Brown)
Miscredited to U Roy.