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Dread Ina Africa DREAD IN A AFRICA
U Roy

1976 - LP - GG's Records (Hit!), #DSR 1864
  1. Children Of Jah Jah
  2. Move Out Of Pharaoh Land
  3. Dread In A Earth
  4. Dreadlocks In Africa
  5. Nana Banana
  6. Idlers Rest
  7. Ghetto Dub
  8. Rentu Skank
  9. Danger's Track
  10. War In A Jam Down
Produced by Alvin Ranglin.

Backed by Skin Flesh & Bones Band.
The one copy I know of, came in a plain 'white' sleeve with a 'Tonys Record Mart' sticker.
The A-side are all U Roy tracks. The B-side are all dub tracks.
Thanks to G├╝rsel for the images and info.