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Love Is Not a Gamblw LOVE IS NOT A GAMBLE

1980 - LP - State Line, #9669700A/701B
  1. Lagos Rock
  2. Mrs Jones
  3. Rocking Vibration
  4. Love Is Not a Gamble
  5. Puppet On a String
  6. Moonlight Lover
  7. You Are My Satisfaction
  8. Mr.Branson Ran Away With The Ransom
  9. Please Don't Rock My Boat
Produced by Tony Robinson.
Recorded at Aquarius and Joe Gibbs.
Edited at Sound Wave, NY
Engineered by Mervin & Errol Thompson.

Drums – Horse Mouth Wallace
Bass – Clinton Fearon, Lloyd Parks, Bobby Shakespeare
Electronic Drums – Tony Robinson
Lead Guitar – Willy Lindo
Organ – Bubbler
Piano – Winston Wright
Horns – Bobby Ellis
Backing Vocals – Albert Griffiths, Brent Dowe, Clinton Fearon, Freddy McGreggor, Horace Andy