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U-Roy Meets Josie Wales

1992 - CD - Sonic Sounds , #SON 0028
  1. Woola Woope (Josie Wales)
  2. Undercover Lover (Josie Wales)
  3. Want No Aids (Josie Wales)
  4. Who Goes There (Josie Wales)
  5. Leggo Mi Hand Gateman (Josie Wales)
  6. Just Love (Josie Wales)
  7. Original Josie (Josie Wales)
  8. Yow (Josie Wales)
  9. Keep Rocking (Josie Wales)
  10. Bobo Dread (Josie Wales)
  11. Sufferation [aka Joyful Locks] (U-Roy)
  12. Check Mr. Morgan [aka Gorgon Wise] (U-Roy)
  13. Put It On [aka Feel Jah Spirit] (U-Roy)
  14. Movements [aka I And I Stand Firm](U-Roy)
  15. No More Fussing & Fighting [aka Too Much War] (U-Roy)
  16. Wet Scene [aka Wet Vision] (U-Roy)
  17. Swinger [aka Rock With I] (U-Roy)
  18. Stay Away [aka King Tubby's Skankj] (U-Roy)
  19. Hold On [aka Wake The Nation] (U-Roy)
  20. The Godfather [aka The Originator] (U-Roy)
Produced by Junjo Lawes (track 1,5,10)
Produced by George Phang (tracks 2,3)
Produced by Michael Chin (tracks 4,6,7,8,9)
Produced by Bunny Lee (tracks 11 to 20)

Musicians: High Times Band, Sly & Robbie, The Aggrovators, Roots Radics
Compiled by Blackbeard