Version Galore

30 Massive Shots From Treasure Isle 30 MASSIVE SHOTS FROM TREASURE ISLE
(U Roy)

2009 - CD - Attack, #ATTACKCD 64
  1. Wake The Town And Tell The People [aka Wake The Town]
  2. This Sound Rule The Nation [aka Rule The Nation]
  3. Chicka Bow Wow Wow [aka Wear You To The Ball]
  4. Ride On Nero [aka Rock Away]
  5. Happy Go Lucky Girl
  6. The Tide Is High
  7. Version Galore
  8. Have A Ball On The Beach [aka On The Beach]
  9. Musical Lesson [aka My Girl]
  10. Flashing My Whip
  11. Soul Of The City [aka Same Song]
  12. Work Your Show [aka Ain't That Loving You]
  13. Tom Drunk
  14. Drive Her Home
  15. Give Thanks To The King [aka Words Of Wisdom]
  16. Hear The News [aka Things You Love]
  17. It Feels Good [aka Hot Pop]
  18. On The Go [aka True True]
  19. Get On The Train [aka Do Re Mi]
  20. You're Out Of This World [aka Don't Stay Away]
  21. Big Boy [aka Big Boy And Teacher]
  22. Do Your Thing [aka Do It Right]
  23. Love Is All I Bring [aka Way Back Home]
  24. Musical Confession [aka True Confession]
  25. Forward Forever [aka Honey Come Back]
  26. Musical Education [aka Your Ace From Space]
  27. Sounds Kinda Shocking [aka Everybody Bawling]
  28. Never Make You Blue [aka Treasure Isle Skank]
  29. No War [aka Peace And Love]
  30. Musical Question [aka Merry Go Round]
Produced by Duke Reid
Recorded at Treasure Isle recording Studio